The Seville Cathedral

There are awe-inspiring cathedrals all over the world. Of all of the cathedrals I’ve seen, the one that thrilled me the most was the Seville Cathedral.IMG_2808




It is the largest medieval church in the world, reportedly. For various reasons, this cathedral made a huge impact on me. Christopher Columbus’s tomb is here. His fleet departed from the inland port of Seville for his grand voyage which discovered the “New World.”  The cathedral also contains the most expensive altar in the world. The gold in this altar came from Mexico and South America. The sacristy vault was impressive, amazing and inspirational.

Walking through this cathedral made me feel the pride that Catholics have put into these majestic houses of worship. I am not Catholic, myself but I admire the grandeur of the decor in their cathedrals. What a gift to the world!

Columbus's coffin
Columbus’s coffin

IMG_2769 There were times I had to look away from all of the imagery because it was sensory overload. To look at so much beauty overwhelmed me with visual information and pierced me with a powerful arrow of wonder. I am not exaggerating. I bought the guidebook because I knew it would be a way for me to read up on the items we were seeing and comprehend their significance.

.IMG_4227IMG_2766IMG_2763While I was at the cathedral, I just wanted to absorb the beauty. We stayed at a hotel across the square from the Seville Cathedral.  The glow of the cathedral at night with the horse drawn carriages in front of it was romantic and so ….”Spanish!”.IMG_3650 IMG_2761 IMG_2753

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