Staying healthy while traveling

Staying healthy while traveling is important, obviously, but it is easy to fall into bad routines. The following health concerns occur during traveling:






  • irregularity
  • lack of medications packed or accessible     IMG_5106
  • dehydration
  • sleep disturbances
  • indigestion
  • food allergies
  • proper shots/immunizations taken beforehand (certain countries)

The way we stay healthy on trips involves the following steps: packing Metamucil for regularity. I stirred a little bit of orange flavored Metamucil in the boys’ water or oj every morning at breakfast. we ate yogurt with peaches, honey for breakfast—this helped with regularity and it’s good to have good bacteria in your diet. pack medications diligently.

Pharmacies are not always accessible when traveling in remote places. have a constant supply of water bottles to keep your family hydrated some adults swear by sleep (eye) masks and ear plugs to drown out noises and light to ensure a good night’s sleep avoid or moderate overly rich foods if you suffer from indigestionIMG_2878 Because you are not always near bathrooms (especially clean bathrooms!) when traveling, it’s easy to suppress your desire to drink more in order to stay hydrated. This is a problem because you get into a cycle of not drinking enough water and not eliminating on a regular basis. The latter caused temporary pain for our three year old on a beach trip once.

There are so many tips on how to stay healthy while traveling. Certain countries have certain requirements. Doctors are the best source to consult on medications and shots, etc. and reading up on it before you travel. It will only enhance your trip if you are prepared. There were times that I felt I had packed everything I could possibly need and other times when I wasn’t as prepared. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 🙂

Several weeks before I traveled to India, I tried a 3 day cleanse of delicious and filling smoothies or “blends”. It was not a weight loss cleanse –it was more about getting rid of cravings and getting nutritious ingredients in you. The next week, I noticed some weight loss kick in because I kept eating healthy and did not resume with unhealthy snacking after the 3 day cleanse.

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    1. Great idea! I will add a post about that. My lifesaver on all the walking was New Balance athletic flip flops. They had tread on them, like a tennis shoe but looked cute with sundresses and outfits. I wore them all over Europe and still wear them back home. They were inexpensive and so practical. I got a pair in black and a pair in beige.

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