Star gazing in Greece

On the island of Lefkada on the Ionian side of Greece, there is a star gazing cruise you can take out of the port. Our Greek American friends told us about it and we joined them for one of the most magical nights we’ve experienced as a family. The boat took us to a remote, uninhabited island. We climbed off the boat, down a ladder and were handed a beach mat. We set up our mats, waited for the Greek food picnic buffet to be set out. We skipped rocks, ate our picnic food and waited for the sun to completely set. Once it was pitch dark, our captain started his lecture about the skies….the astronomy and all its glory! He pointed out satellites, comets, constellations, space station, (with the naked eye) and Saturn through a telescope. IMG_5693Many people fell asleep but I stayed up for the whole thing. To lie there with my 10 year old son fast asleep in my arms, was something I’ll never forget. All of us alone at midnight on a beach of an uninhabited island; gazing IMG_5692 at the stars and listening to stories and astronomical stories….in beautiful Greece?!— nothing like it!IMG_5700

comet (from internet)


photos by Patrick

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