Soulard Neighborhood in St. Louis

My fun and vivacious cousins introduced my relatives and me to a wonderful neighborhood of St. Louis called Soulard! After viewing the famous Arch again, we headed towards Soulard which peaked our curiosity with my cousin’s descriptions.

the nearby St. Louis Arch
the nearby St. Louis Arch

fullsizerenderLocated within 2 miles south of downtown St. Louis, we stopped in the enchanting and historic French neighborhood named for Antoine Soulard who developed the area. (read about him in link below).6kjwazcvs6ywxiiztlt3hw_thumb_14ba6On the way to a brunch at Soulard Coffee Garden,

Soulard Coffee Garden
Soulard Coffee Garden

we passed the historic Anheuser Busch St. Louis Brewery  (which I had toured during my twenties). The smell of  yeast was powerful as we drove passed it to the impressive row houses and apartments.unadjustednonraw_thumb_14bf9

hp2llkp8sgcxlmfupnrvg_thumb_14ba3Historic churches, restaurants, bars and the stately and noble architecture of Soulard conveyed the historic feel of the time period when this attractive area was built. unadjustednonraw_thumb_14c00The live music of jazz and blues happens in these bars but Soulard is most famous for its Farmers Market which is reportedly the oldest farmer’s market west of the Mississippi.azd0pqdyqnos1f9kdkwcyg_thumb_14b9e

It was lovely to slow down on a Saturday morning with out of town relatives having brunch in this alluring area. Highly recommended!xhdggrsdr0sul5klss5ag_thumb_14bbc

photos by Gina Kingsley

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    1. thanks so much Brandy!! I’m glad to know that! St. Louis is only 5.5 hours away from Tulsa which made it an easy drive!

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