Saturated by saris

Whether we were at an opulent setting or the most rustic of fields, saris were a major focal point of our India experience. The celebration of color and femininity was something to admire in the India landscape.

India —a sea of colors. Whether it’s at a simple food stand or the resplendent Taj Mahal, a vibrant sari is around every corner. Is daily dressing a celebration for the Indian female? The combination of colors, the choice of sari, the bangles, the jewelry,…I took a photo of these ladies at the Amber Fort in Jaipur and was lucky enough to get in a photo with them. I wrote about what that moment revealed to me in my travel memoir.

Saris evolved from three piece garments and have changed throughout history.  There have been saris that exposed the navel and covered the navel. I was fascinated to learn that the reason for exposing the navel was because it represents the source of life and creativity. There is so much history and information about the history of the sari and I was impressed to learn that there are more than 80 ways to wear one!

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all photos by Gina Kingsley

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