Getting on her soap box

A friend of mine has an interesting artistic life on many levels. She is an artist, a painter, a homeschooling mother and also a soap maker! She and her husband collaborate on various artistic projects. This natural and earthy beauty is an expert on natural living. I interviewed her about her soap making business since I am a customer and a fan of her products. They are appropriate gifts for so many purposes–hostess gifts, housewarming gifts, birthday gifts, teacher gifts, congratulatory gifts, etc.  They are handy, easy to wrap and give a nice presentational appeal. The homemade artistry of it makes it a personal and conversational gift and product. When I stored them as gifts during the holidays, they made my room smell so good!7bd9d1ebc4ef0e678d2044731d61612f7bd9d1ebc4ef0e678d2044731d61612f

What inspired you to start this hobby turned business?

Bascially, years ago when we lived in Kentucky, my daughter had eczema. I tried treating it with coconut oil but nothing worked. We tried over the counter products before we went to the doctor for prescribed creams. One day, I grabbed a prescription cream for eczema that the doctor gave me. Her skin worsened with the use of the prescribed cream so I began researching ingredients and then moved onto natural solutions. Several of the ingredients were harsh synthetic ingredients. I began to look at my cleansers and what I can use as soap. My daughter was crying with whatever we tried.  There was a soap maker in Bardstown, Kentucky which is a beautiful town. The soap maker was known for her craft. She is a precious woman and she informed me so much. She started making soap for the same reason as I did. She was an inspiration and told me how to get started. Her soap was the only thing that soothed my daughter’s skin and we began to notice healing.ed7e2e_336c462328ee4f13b252caf0007e9f06

I was scared of the lye because it can burn and sting. I research ingredients so I was nervous about the lye since I had little kids around. I shied away for years but when I got to Tulsa, I had more room in my house to work with the soap making. I watched tons of videos on youtube. I use organic, botanical and sustainable earthy-ingredients… as well as Non-GMO, whenever possible.

How do you pick the scents and  fragrances?

I tried many combinations before I found what I liked. I come up with my own blends and let them sit a little. Autumn Trail was very “piney”. As it cures, it begins to change.ed7e2e_9b1a78f6e7364f4282306968de1a20f0.jpg

How long does soap take to cure?

It depends on the formula and group of oils. Some can take 4-8 weeks. 2-3 weeks is the shortest amount of cure time. I test the ph balance with little strips before I sell them.ed7e2e_d18ca3cfe819458d97589f162a7ebc70

Are the blends in a kit?

I play with the essential oils and decide how much I want. Lavender and patchouli,etc….

Do you have a  favorite blend?

I really like Lavender and Colloidal Oatmeal.3d807519def1bb3e35bf04da6a97c4d8

How long does each batch take you?

3 hours but if everything is together and ready to go, it can take 2 hours. I’ve had situations where I didn’t have the right amount of items. I have molds that I use. Each batch I make fills 2 five pound molds.  I have to triple the supply for busy seasons.ed7e2e_1552e843f4434d2c8710513ceb5a0b14

Where is your most remote customer so far?

Foley, Alabama and Kentucky.

Describe how this craft has been enriching.

I have enjoyed each step…’s kind of like a meditation. To watch the “saponification” process—the bubbling up, pouring it in, cutting each bar which is different….the layers of colors and different swirls in each bar always amazes me. As an artist, I’m always enlightened by that. Like life, we can do a little bit of planning but it might turn out better than how we planned it to be!12289709_10206798028502898_242190177134141839_n

Tulsans can contact to place an order and she’ll deliver in town.  Shipping is available for all out of town orders.


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