Downtown Tulsa Delights

Some great destinations are right outside your door. We found ourselves at the Guthrie Green one day over Christmas Break in search of a food truck. My college sons’ appetites led us there. We didn’t find the food truck but we strolled around in the nice weather to see what new places have popped up since the last time we were there. Taverns, boutiques and so many wonderful murals! We weren’t the only ones enjoying the Guthrie Green in downtown Tulsa! A couple of skateboarders wowed me with their tricks. I thought one of them was a friend of ours and I called out his name….but it wasn’t our friend! However, the boys were happy to entertain me with their skateboard skills.

While they were maneuvering through their skateboard-choreography, a family picnic was going on in the background.  How nice it is to see downtown Tulsa alive and active again! Museums, food trucks, a ballpark, bars, chocolatiers, a violin shop, a brewery, etc..SO different from even a few years ago. The First Friday Art Crawl with street artists and musicians was one of my favorite summer activities of downtown Tulsa but it’s not only limited to summertime. Put it on your list and enjoy a restaurant afterwards.



All of the art galleries come alive even more during the art crawl. What a great free event this is –full of culture and entertainment.




A downtown stroll during Christmas Break gave me an opportunity to watch “downtown boys” being active and in search of fun. Two of them were my own sons! …..

After we watched these fearless skateboarders a little while more, we were ready for a coffee break. We never found the food truck but we found a delightful downtown day in our very own Tulsa.We didn’t have to travel far to enjoy an interesting urban area with historic architecture and lively people. The “gypsy family travelers” even found an ironic spot to enjoy a coffee break when my sons and I went over to Gypsy Coffee House for an espresso.

The hip murals of Downtown Tulsa are recent additions which have been very exciting for a native Tulsan, like me, to see. Their hip, casual vibe balances the grandeur of our stately Art Deco buildings and architecture.

Downtown tours listed in link below.

Cool aerial view from a drone in the video below.

all photos by Gina Kingsley

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  1. I love this! Great photography too-love the skateboard pics! Thanks for the link of Tulsa tours and I need to check out Gypsy coffee!

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