An Ionian Islet

Meganissi is an islet in the Ionian Sea near the island of Lefkada in Greece. We took a sailboat to the four islets from the port of Lefkada for a most interesting tour of this Ionian area.  Meganissi means “big island” in Greek. It was gorgeous, non-touristy and had all of the steep, picturesque qualities one might expect. 228880_2310916777448_6475377_n

We toured a very old, antiquated olive press factory and meandered through the village roads. We stopped for a beverage and to catch our breath. The only shop we saw was a simple gift shop with postcards. On our way back to the boat, we stopped to take a photo of this resplendent bougainvillea and the resident saw us. We said, “beautiful!” to her and she proudly posed next to the vine and said, “Thank You!” Moments like this in Greek villages really stand out to me. The simplicity and natural beauty add to the pure enjoyment of the vistas.

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