Alhambra Quiz

Fill in the blank:

1. The word “Alhambra” means: _____IMG_2404

2. The Alhambra is referred to as the ____or ________ castle because of the color of it. Its towers and ramparts are this color.

3. In the starlight, the Alhambra is a ______color.

4. In the sun, the Alhambra takes on a _____color.

5. The Alhambra is not just a court and palace residence, but also a ________________ for protection.

6. _____________ was the last king of Granada.

7. The Catholic monarchs  who lived there were  King  ____________of Aragon and Queen __________of Castile.

8. The name of the Alhambra fortress is ______________.

Word Bank:     Boabdil                   red, russet               silver Alcazaba          red        gold,       Ferdinand         fortress      Isabella True or False:

The Alhambra belonged to Moors only: ______

George Washington was sent by King Ferdinand and Isabella to discover the New World:______

The Alhambra is a beautiful blue palace:_____

The Alhambra was a palace and a fortress: ______

The Alhambra is located in the city of Granada: ______

  Writing: Write a sentence or paragraph about Moorish architecture.

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