A farm villa in Crete

Crete is Greece’s largest island. In 2009, while looking on the internet, I found a villa on a working farm. There were actually two guest villas available to rent. The owners drove us around in a choo-choo train and they made us a meal delivered to our villa.IMG_1905 DSCF1419 Wild boar, squash courguettes and homemade ice cream made from their goats’ milk. Fresh eggs and goat milk for our morning cereal were also delivered to our refrigerator in the mornings. The highlights of this villa stay were milking the goats, collecting eggs from the hens and discovering wild sage on our evening hikes.

from Villa Creta website

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                  the wild boars

The pastoral view from the mountaintop villa took my breath away each and every morning that I’d throw open the

farm to table villa experiences
farm to table villa experiences

balcony doors to take my coffee and toast outside to breathe in the mountain air (and gasp!) Herds of sheep moving through perfectly geometrically landscapes roads awakens your soul in such a different way than a beach lapping up the surf and waves. The best part was knowing that in just a few hours, we would be at the beach, too! A perfect combination!          

from Villa Creta website
from Villa Creta website
from Villa Creta website
felt like a kid again!--with the animals...
felt like a kid again!–with the animals…

IMG_1927 IMG_1921 IMG_1912 DSCF1482Villa Creta gave us a parting gift which was a CD of Greek music with a picture of the villa pool on it and a bottle of Villa Creta wine. Such panache! I told the owner that I’d play the music while sipping Villa Creta wine when I was back home, remembering Crete.IMG_1928 Our youngest son was wistful as he waved goodbye, with a sad grin on his face, to the owner who dropped us off at the port. The owner looked nostalgic, too. It was apparent these two bonded over the magical goat milking lesson. Our boys are forever changed by this stay. Luxury + simplicity.

-from A Magic Carpet Ride by Gina Michalopulos Kingsley


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  1. Beautiful pictures! It’s great to hear about alternatives to a hotel/resort stay. My kids would love it!

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