Switzerland: Zurich and Lake Lucerne

Zurich, Switzerland is a cosmopolitan, chic city. A friend of ours was the perfect tour guide of this stunning city. After we had enjoyed several days of a “retreat” up in the Alps in picturesque Churwalden, we were ready for the city “hustle-bustle” action.

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Zurich had the Swiss, fresh air and the breathtaking views with clear lakes, swans and gorgeous architecture. The shops and restaurants were glamorous and the farmers market was quaint and grand at the same time!  A combination of both a bus tour and a walking tour gave us a feel of the city.  IMG_4522IMG_4441       IMG_4502IMG_4506 And later in the week, we rented a car and drove to Lake Lucerne which has its own beauty. The famous covered bridge at Lake Lucerne was a photo stop for many tourists.  The historic bridge, Kapellbriche  (“chapel bridge) is unique because it is a covered wooden footbridge which had interior paintings in it dating back to the 17th century. Those painting and part of the bridge were destroyed in a fire in 1993. It is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe and the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge.(photo above from internet)

A good itinerary of Switzerland is:

Zurich– a couple of days here is good in order to do a bus tour, walking tour and check out the restaurants and street life. The Armory is a recommended restaurant.

Chur and Churwalden– lovely alpine village towns. One of the longest alpine slides/alpine rides in Europe is in this area.

Basel– borders France and Germany if you want to drive through the “roundabouts” into neighboring countries for the day.

Geneva and Bern are also recommended cities. Try the Swiss-Austrian border and the Swiss-Lichenstein border towns, too!

Follow this lesson plan to build trip itineraries with your family:

Travel Lesson Plan: Integrate the Concepts

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