Wine Review

Time to review a new wine! Borsao 2015 Garnacha. I was looking through the usual shelves of Red Zinfandels and Merlots and found this appealing and stunning bottle. Ironically, the colors look similar to my blog theme. Then, I saw the crazy good price of $9 and the rating it received from wine experts —so I couldn’t resist. I’m a big believer in signs, after all!

I noticed the deep flavors, first and foremost. Borsao is a Spanish Garnacha hailing from the birthplace of Garnacha, Aragon, more specifically from the highest mountain of Moncayo. It doesn’t have the sweetness of a Red Zinfandel or the weight of a Merlot and that’s good tonight because I need to cleanse my palette of the more saturated wines. It reminds me more of a Cabernet Sauvignon and it will pair well with a variety of foods, according to the label.

The employee at the wine shop told me people are loving this wine and buying it up! I can see why. It’s just a good, solid wine. Not too glycerin-y, not too much legs, and a very nice price! And…..a beautiful, colorful label always looks good in the wine fridge or regular fridge…or as a hostess gift!

I’m not a wine expert but I love wine and know what I like about wines. Check out these wine terms in the link below. Other reviews on this wine noted “leather” and “fruits”. For my blog readers who don’t have time to be saturated by alot of information and details, I hope this brief summary suffices for you. For those of you who have dined with us and trust our recommendations—I will state it simply, this wine is very good!

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