What is Worldschooling?

Homeschooling is a common term. Worldschooling is fairly new term that I’ve come across recently. I am thrilled with this concept because it gave a name to what many families are attempting through educational family traveling!IMG_5688 Worldschooling is when the “world” is your “school”. Your learning happens via traveling. I remember my mother telling our teachers that we were going to be absent from school for a few days or a week due to a trip. My teachers were always supportive of this because they agreed that travel is an education in itself. Sometimes, they just asked us to prepare a report or summary of our trip or share an oral report with the class about our trip. Sometimes, our teachers didn’t bother with having us turn in “make-up work” in lieu of this report. That was a long time ago and things have changed.IMG_2383 I’m grateful that my mother put the time and energy into our trips. Of course, a way to avoid absences from school or make up work is to plan ahead so that your trips happen during breaks from school. Summer, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break and Spring Break are plenty of opportunities to travel. With organized pre-planning, you can make it happen! Long-range plans with research, consultations with a travel agent or even studying the tips on social media, Pinterest, blogs, etc. can help you plan an amazing trip for your family. So, don’t wait — jump in! 🙂 and do some world schooling now while your kids are growing up. Show them the world but more importantly, see the world from their eyes, too!IMG_5219 It’s a family bonding experience like no other. You won’t remember the things you acquire,  but you will remember the memories, experiences, adventures, feelings and global awareness you grew from while traveling and “world schooling.” When kids travel from a young age, their psyches develop an awareness, adaptability, understanding and tolerance for global differences. They become a child of the world and not just their locality. They also learn to appreciate their native citizenship–the amenities, privileges and values. The perfect combo!

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