What is Voluntourism?

Voluntourism is a recent buzzword or concept in travel. Volunteer + tourism= voluntourism. Voluntourism is a great opportunity for anyone to immerse into a culture or destination while serving a need! Search it on the internet and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities and itineraries just waiting for you! Some young adults do it during a “gap year” in their education. Some adults do it as an opportunity to expand their horizons and also because of the financial benefit to affordable travel.

You can customize your volunteerism opportunities to fit the length of your desired stay, your destination and your skills to provide.  I am looking forward to trying this abroad someday. For now, we have experienced some level of voluntourism through Boy Scout adventures , etc. foraging closer shot Unknown-1handsupholidays.com is a good resource for volunteerism among several  other great sites/ resources as well.images When I looked up the National Geographic website, I found voluntourism information as well as a plethora of other resources that I’ve inquired about. The materials they sent me are informative, attractive and impressive.


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