Whale Watching in Victoria, Canada

 Victoria, Canada has the combination of hustle-bustle AND the natural landscape and adventure needed to entertain a family. The plaza’s restaurants and shops lured us daily and the street entertainment at night kept us engaged . Steel drum bands, people dancing and the perfect night breeze while we walked to and from our hotel.

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Many visitors like to go to Butchart Gardens. We drove up to Sooke National Forest to zipline.

Later the same afternoon, we went whale watching which was an easy departure from the port. The Zodiac boats/ rafts that took us out to the ocean to whale-watch was the most thrilling ride full of bumps, waves and speed! There was a lull, however, where we got to bask in the sun and rest up for the bumpy ride back to shore. Priceless!

the Zodiac boats---thrilling and fast
the Zodiac boats—thrilling and fast
it's a whale!!
it’s a whale!!

Prince of Whales was the name of the company we used in Victoria. Here’s a video of whale watching in another location.

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