Westport in Kansas City

Westport in Kansas City is a hip district located next to the plaza. It has historic value, too! Read about the Battle of Westport below. I love walking around Westport and admiring all of the old warehouses that have been preserved into charming cafes, taverns, antique stores, music stores and vintage clothing boutiques. IMG_7066www.westportkc.com/history.php IMG_7068My usual route involves stopping in my favorite coffee/tea house, stopping in my two favorite vintage stores: Re-runs and Wonderland, eating at Jerusalem Cafe, popping in World Market to stock up on goodies and getting a drink at the Foundry or the Ale House balcony. There was a great Moroccan cafe there a few years ago, too. The antique stores are gorgeous…..with very high quality antiques. IMG_7075Westport is a short 15 minute walk from the plaza. We’ve purposely stayed at a midway point (The Marriott Courtyard) so that we can be within walking distance to both districts. To me, the plaza is chic and classy with nationally known stores, local boutiques and fine dining and Westport is hip, casual and quaint. The plaza’s architecture is Spanish and European, while Westport has art deco,  and Victorian style architecture. IMG_7072There are a variety of pubs and restaurants. The variety ranges from Korma Sutra – an Indian restaurant, Jerusalem Cafe – a Middle Eastern restaurant to Ca Va – a  Champagne Bar. On the weekends, we’ve seen Westport turn into a block party! They close off certain streets and it’s packed with people bar hopping. A great spot to be on a sunny day is The Ale House. The rooftop bar is so much fun with its outdoor setting, darts game and sports bar feel. Cold beer on a hot roof= perfect afternoon. Mills Record Store is a favorite of my son’s. 

Wonderland Vintage store

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