Vintage Fashion at ReRuns!

People get their “fix” in a different ways. One of my favorite hobbies is vintage fashion shopping. ReRuns in KC’s eclectic Westport district is religiously on my route. Because there’s new displays frequently, here’s an update  on the selections.SAM_2041I’m always on the lookout for accessories..these bags have so much purse-a-nality!SAM_2054Not to be redundant….because I’ve said it before—but vintage items are made with such high quality!!!SAM_2060Next  year, I’ll have to remember to buy a glamorous clutch for a girl’s graduation gift! Wouldn’t that be unique??  Necklaces are fun to layer…..SAM_2063

I saw this poncho and loved its colorfulness.SAM_2045

A beaded bag like this—-makes me go weak in the knees! So darling!SAM_2062

Ooooh la aaaa—–jewelry and clutches!SAM_2064

Something for the men….SAM_2058ReRuns never disappoints. The treasures they seem to excavate—this is MY kind of archaeology! This is the be all and end all of all vintage purses. Fit for the traveler, especially. Wait until you see what this purse can do. The proprietor, Ken Coit, knows what I need…..IMG_9174

Open it up and look what pulls out…..The individual pouches organize your traveling needs. Gives me goosebumps ….and caters to the organizational tendencies.

passports, tickets, currency
passports, tickets, currency

IMG_9173I love a purse with “feet.” (the brass tabs that stand a purse up.) The lining and compartments in these vintage bags are in perfect shape, too! The passports/currency/tickets pouch pulls up but not all the way out, so that’s even better because you won’t lose it! Reminds me of airport-chic  days.IMG_9172I can’t wait to actually use this new bag on a future trip! IMG_9153

Re-Runs in KC’s Westport is for sale. Contact info (Ken Coit) on this website.

A Passion for Fashion –Vintage Style

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