A Passion for Fashion –Vintage Style

Glamorous and recent treasures at Re-Runs in Westport of Kansas City. Oooohlalaaaaaa…..No words are necessary; just look and enjoy! The displays are always so eye-catching. Then, you learn about the origin of many of the items when you speak with Ken; the informative proprietor. Ken has a real passion for vintage fashion.tzozppb1tfypvfl9gsnwg_thumb_14cc3






unadjustednonraw_thumb_14ccbI find items for myself and also great gift ideas! Think of the uniqueness a vintage clutch as a graduation gift, Mother’s Day gift or pick-me-up for a friend. Recently, my friend and I spent quite some time in Re-Runs studying all of the items. She found cuff links for her son;  quite handy for the orchestra musician! She also found a fabulous wool cape—reversible, in fact! How excited were we when she found this and wore it that winter night out on the town!

cuff links to go with a tux!

Theme parties need vintage items. My college sons have found great things here.

Personally, I love studying the details of the era of an item, colors that were in style then, cuts of the clothing, etc…

I get a certain energy from the accessories and jewelry. Sometimes, that’s all an outfit needs.If you have a passion for fashion, your treasures from Re-Runs will augment your collection and “zhush” up your wardrobe….or at least impress your gift recipients!

Re-Runs is for sale. If you are interested in buying this business, contact the owner.  Website and info below.






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