Using the Lesson Worksheets and Answer Guides

The lesson worksheets and/or quizzes on the individual countries or cities can be printed off for your child to write on. Answer guides or scoring keys are included for the teacher/ tutor/ homeschool parent to use. The student can answer the worksheet questions by searching for some of the answers on the individual blog posts and by looking up the information about the countries with other resources; the books from the bibliography, the internet or library books, etc. By reading the blogs, the student can “interactively” learn about a country by integrating visual (pictures) and auditory (any inserted audio links) skills.

Doing any of the arts/crafts projects, science activities, recipes or learning dances from the links will utilize the student’s kinesthetic skills. The latter is what educators call integrating the concepts….and utilizing learning modalities. If your student posts a comment under a blog, they are also using skills because they are communicating, using written expression and sentence composition skills. IMG_4868People have told me that they want to know what to expect on a trip….tips, pros/cons, suggestions, recommendations, facts/myths, how to expedite certain processes and how to get a family ready for a journey. So, I’ve included pages about those specific details and resources. After enough friends and acquaintances requested this information, it was suggested to me to start a blog. I hope it helps and I welcome any specific questions of things not yet covered here.

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