Using Bloom’s Taxonomy in Travel Planning

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a great tool for travel planning customized to children.

Create- create an outline or plan for where you want to go on your trip. Create a lesson plan, quiz, unit, etc. for your destination.FH040040

Evaluate–evaluate your route, logistics, budget.

Analyze– analyze the purpose of your destinations. What are you wanting to accomplish there– adventure? history? recreation? a combo? Analyze the different geography, customs, languages, religions of each destination.

Apply–apply your knowledge of the newly researched travel unit. Draw a map, a flag from that country or state. Make a quiz of factoids for your family.  Make a model or do an experiment or craft relating to that country.

Understand–read your travel guide books. Quiz each other. Complete a quiz. Make flash cards.

Remember–make a photobook when you come home from your trip. Let the kids be involved in this process so they feel ownership of it. Read the photobooks frequently. This will keep the memories vivid in their metacognition.

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