Turkey Quiz

Fill in the blank:

1. A sweet, powdered sugar cube of dessert is called a ____________

from internet

2. A ___________is a type of carpet woven like a tapestry.

3. A ___________ is a marketplace shopping area with various shops.

4. Turkey’s places of worship for followers of Islam are called _________________.

5. ______________is the capitol city of Turkey.


Word Bank:

Ankara           bazaar          kilim            loukoum          mosque

True or False:

Turkey is in Europe: _____

Turkey turquoise is the name of a stone: _____

Turkey is located near Greece: _____

Handmade rugs are all made in Turkey:_____

Gyro sandwiches in Turkey have red cabbage in them:_____


  • The Hungry Coat – A Tale from Turkey kids folk tale
  • The Trojan Horse
    Albert Lorenz
  • The Hero Schliemann
    Laura Amy Schlitz, Robert Byrd
  • The Prophet from Ephesus
    Caroline Lawrence
  • Anna of Byzantium
    Tracy Barrett
  • The Emperor’s Winding Sheet
    Jill Paton Walsh
  • Mosque
    David Macaulay

Writing: Write a sentence or paragraph describing a Turkish bazaar.




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