Travel Tips from my Journal

I found pages of travel tips in my journals. Writing them while ON a trip was practical….while everything was still fresh in my mind. Traveling wears many people out because they don’t like getting inconvenienced by the little details and they miss certain amenities of being home. Once a traveler gets over this hurdle, they will learn to be over prepared and power through the most intense of itineraries.

keep a journal

pack mapsphoto 2

pack wet wipes

pack a roll of toilet paper in your daily backpack. You won’t always find toilet paper in the public restrooms

pack baggies to store things in, like dirty flip flops, toiletries, sandy swim gear, dirty clothes if you are in between laundry loads

baggies for packing breakables

pack bubblewrap and duct tape ahead of time….useful for wrapping souvenirs

save museum stubs—they are pretty and make good bookmarks, etc.

from internet

ask for bargains and discounts, especially on bulk shopping

pack or buy duffels to store inside your suitcase. Once you fill this with souvenirs, you can check it through at the airport

buy suntan lotion, sunscreen, and saline solution in America and pack it in your bags that you check through–not your carry on.


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