the youngest son’s interview on traveling

Halfway through starting this blog, I interviewed my three sons, separately, to get their feedback and impressions about traveling. My youngest son was deliberate and engaged about sharing his experiences. I was surprised to learn that his favorite trips were not the ones I thought they would be. He was always so good about “going with the flow” on the highly educational trips. It turns out, he liked the R & R trips the best–the ones with the relaxing geographical features and excursions…..IMG_5493

“My favorite thing about our trips is experiencing things you can’t find in your hometown. The best parts are the beaches, new environments and seeing how different things can be… the bazaars we’ve been to. The worst part about traveling is going through the airports and not being able to get to what you want to do when you want to.”

“My favorite trip of all time was Switzerland because it started with Switzerland and it ended with Greece. The tiny little city of Churwalden up in the Alps was my favorite place. The weather was cool and the air was fresh. We didn’t have to go into a city to sightsee….it was just calm. I also loved Hawaii because of the nice beaches and the natural wonders that are unique. We had fruit at breakfast that we’ve never even heard of before.”

My advice is to always be ready to be going somewhere and be sure to have the energy to do it. Getting enough sleep and eating the right foods help you have the energy. The craziest thing I saw was a naked man walking down a major street in Spain. The best artifact I’ve seen was the thorn from Jesus’s “crown of thorns” in the Seville Cathedral. The most fun thing I did was ride the waves in Hawaii and Mexico. My favorite transportation was ferries. I liked the short distance of going between countries. On the plane, it’s good to always have music and earphones. Appreciate your time while you are there and keep a journal. I’m glad that my mom made me keep a journal because I enjoy reading it now!” Below is a blog about his pre-school travel journal entries.

Little Kids can Travel-Journalize, too!

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