Temples and Mosques

A temple is a place of worship for various religions. (Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, etc). A mosque is a place of worship for the people of Islam. Gateways, minarets and towers of sandstone and white marble are part of the architecture of mosques. Shrines and mausoleums are other somber places of religious significance and commemoration. If you can’t take a moment to decipher it all in the rush and sometimes fatigue of traveling, it’s helpful to digest it later (or before) to fully appreciate what it is you’re touring and learning.IMG_5942 Dressing appropriately before entering these places of worship is courteous and often enforced. When we visited particular places, a wrap was given to us. We knew of this custom from traveling to other countries. Locals were just as eager to take photos of us and with us as we were of them! It definitely put us in the frame of mind to be respectful of these places of worship as well as get in the spirit of the activity. IMG_5931  The mosques were so imposing with their exterior details. We learned all about the optical illusion of the minarets.IMG_5959 IMG_5938 The temples conveyed their uniqueness through their own details. Temples are known as places of religious worship—and they are also associated with housing a mythological god. The Parthenon is an example of a temple devoted for the goddess Athena.IMG_2365 Click on this link to see a video about the largest temple in New Dehli: https://youtu.be/qdw1k4UTwiU

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