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(Travel Tips andIMG_1381  Parenting Tips for Travel)

Summer Tutoring/ Make it a Staycation

  Keeping Kids Occupied While Waiting

 Traveling Has Its Challenges


How Kids Travel

Dad’s Trips on Traveling

Passports and Visas

Travel Itinerary Booklets

Communication Made Easier

What to Expect When Traveling: Different Social Mores

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Packing and Unpacking

Preparing for a Trip

Travel Tips from my Journal

 Kindergartners Can Travel-Journalize, Too!

 Bloom’s Taxonomy in Travel

 Metacognition in Travel Planning

Sons Interviews

Oldest Son’s Interview

Middle Son’s Interview

Youngest Son’s Interview

Quizzes and Quiz Answer Keys – drop down bar on first page

Domestic travel -TBA

Itineraries and Excursions Links – TBA

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