Spain– Flamenco dancing

Spain was one of the top choices for our sons because of their familiarity with the country and the language from their Spanish class at school. Being a large country, we had to choose which regions we could visit. We had 9 days to see Spain and we chose the southern side. Malaga, Marbella, Tariffa, Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Ronda, etc.. Barcelona had the modern experiences and Seville had the antiquity and history. IMG_4285 IMG_4271 IMG_4260 IMG_4273 If you had a Flamenco dancer doll like I did as a child, you will know what it felt like to see this image come to life as the real thing! My Flamenco dancer doll had a red dress, black hair, lace and the fan. Supposedly, our uncle bought it for us during a trip to Spain. It was part of my bedroom decorations for years. When I found out decades later that we’d be seeing a Flamenco show in Spain, it delighted me! There was so much emotion, music and “storytelling” in the show and it was interesting to watch my husband and sons focus on the details while trying to interpret the performance.IMG_4256This electrifying evening happened at the Tablao Flamenco El Cordobes located in the Las Ramblas area in the city center. Reportedly, the best Granada artists have made it become one of the most important Flamenco spots in Spain. It was exciting for us to attend a performance that has gained international prestige.

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