Spain Quiz


Fill in the blank:

The Spanish name for Spain is: ____________                             IMG_2683

A Spanish farmer’s market is called a :_____________

_________is the Spanish word for small plates and appetizers. The custom is to go from restaurant to restaurant trying different ones of these small plates.

___________is a kind of dance that features hand clapping and finger snapping.

Spain is known for its ____________architecture in some of its regions.

Cristobal Colon, also known as Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who sailed for Spain to find the new world. King __________and Queen __________sponsored his exploration for this voyage.

The ______________is the Moorish palace where the King and Queen of Spain lived.

Word Bank:

Moorish   Alhambra   flamenco    tapas     Espana      boqueria      Ferdinand     Isabella

True or False:

Spain is on the continent of Asia: _____

There are various dialects of the Spanish language:_____

Spain is located on the Mediterranean Sea: _____

Madrid is the capital of Spain: _____

Writing: Write a sentence or paragraph about the kingdom of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

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