Snake Charmers

Snake charming is a ritual that involves pretending to hypnotize a snake by playing an instrument. Reportedly, snakes actually are responding to the movement in the performance, rather than the sound. Snake charming performances happen in other countries other than just India. The practice is also performed in Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other countries. The performance symbolized the snake charmer showing heroism by controlling the evil (or devil) in the snake. There are other interpretations of what snake charming symbolizes. This practice has died out overall but now can be seen at festivals and markets—or in our case, at the Amber Fort in Jaipur.IMG_6250 Since the fangs and venom are removed from the cobra, I didn’t feel in danger of the snake. IMG_6261This particular pair of snake charmers was a man and his younger, teenage brother. I was not expecting to see this ritual along the path of the majestic Amber Fort but I’m so thrilled we did! –especially since my son is a musician and could appreciate the instrumental part of this ancient tradition!

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