Scotland Quiz


1. What is the capital of Scotland?__________________________   IMG_3749

2. What is the name of the pleated skirt Scots wear?_____________________

3. What is the name of a family “tribe” or group?___________________

4. What was the name of the movie that depicted the struggle between Wallace and Bruce?_____________________

5. What was the name of the historic King of Scots who led Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence against England…..?________________________

6. What is the name of the street that both Holyrood House and Edinburgh Castle are on?________________________

7. What is the name of the castle where Mary, Queen of Scots, lived?________________

8. What valuable item is housed in Edinburgh castle?__________________

9. What is the nickname of the “Loch Ness monster?” ____________________

10. What is a lock?________________________

11. What is the name of a food made from a sheep’s heart, liver and lungs mixed with oatmeal and other ingredients_____________________

Word Bank:

kilt              Robert the Bruce         a device used for raising/lowering boats

clan                    the Royal Mile               the crown jewels       Nessie

Braveheart        Holyrood House           Edinburgh                  haggis

True or False:

Kilts are only worn by women- ____

They found the Loch Ness “monster.” -_____

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom -_____

“Loch” means Lake -_____

St. Andrew’s is the birthplace of golf-_____

Prince William and Princess Kate met at St. Andrew’s college-____

Writing: Write a sentence or paragraph about the Edinburgh Castle.


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