Santorini is a Greek island worth mentioning in it’s own post here. So much to do for families!! It is the most photographed island of Greece ( if not the most photographed island in the world!). It’s historic volcanic eruption reached South America even and has created the breathtaking caldera views. There are so many excursions to enjoy on Santorini. A recommended stay  of 4 days will give you the opportunity to do it all!

Click on Irinis Villa recommendation: 

Also, Chromata is a recommended Santorini villa.

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Besides the fulfilling shopping, eating and sightseeing, Santorini offered specialty excursions like:

  • sailing out to the active volcano,
  • swimming in the hot springs,
  • riding donkeys,
  • parasailing,
  • going to a winery,
  • museums,  
  • scuba diving,
  • beaches,
  •  Akrotiri museum (a buried city) was thrilling.

The everyday views and observations made us fall in love with this island. I have flown to the island and I’ve ferried there. The high speed ferry is a great option!

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Project for the kids :

As touristy as Santorini is, we still saw local residents living among the luxury and posh clifftop villas. Who can resist visiting with a local? It enhanced our stay as we were on a break from visiting relatives in Athens and my father’s village.

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Hotel recommendation: Irinis Villa in Imeroviglio (which used to be a pirate look out point) or Chromata.

Restaurant recommendation: Naoussa and every single restaurants, actually!

Oia: drive up to Oia, the whitewashed clifftop village to watch the world famous sunset, shop in artsy boutiques and have dinner or dessert.

I highly recommend Santorini! I’ve been four times and I know I’ll return.

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Follow the lesson plan to build trip itineraries with your family:

Travel Lesson Plan: Integrate the Concepts

*The suggested reading books I’ve included on most countries’ posts are for children and/or parents to read. Some parents have told me that reading a children’s book on a country gives gave them a simple “bird’s eye view” into what could otherwise be a complicated or complex history in adult versions.

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