Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base

My son climbed Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base in 2014 with the Boy Scouts and his father. He was 13 years old and had previously hiked Hermit’s Peak in New Mexico.  This easy-going, athletic and introspective teenager shared his hiking experience with me. We did this interview facetiously because of his young age and also because he is a boy who likes to keep things verbally brief! (except for the part when he describes the food-ha!)

on other hike to Hermit's Peak
on other hike to Hermit’s Peak a previous year

What inspired you to travel to Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base?

I wanted to hang out with my Boy Scout friends.IMG_7559Unknown-7

IMG_7220What did your trip itinerary involve?

2 days of white water rafting and approximately 22 miles and 2 days of climbing a 14, 269 foot mountain. We slept, white water rafted and hiked 2 days of a 14’er, went back to the base and slept.IMG_8517

What excursions do you recommend?


What restaurants do you recommend?  🙂

past Amarillo, I think it’s called Coyote Bluff. (on the way to another hike) Also, the Big Texan in Amarillo.IMG_8538

Describe the perfect Scout meal.

MREs! = meal ready to eat. They are the best; so good! It’s a meal you can cook in two minutes. It comes with hot chocolate, peanut butter dips with crackers, goldfish, brownies and dessert options. It’s a main meal that’s calorie-packed. It has a chemical reaction with water and heats up food  you want to eat in a manner of a minute.Unknown-8

IMG_8529What is the vibe of the group on the mountain?

fun, relaxed, a big Scout gathering of Dads and kids. We could do whatever we wanted.IMG_8559

Describe the physical terrain and climate.

mountainous, mountain flowers, cool weather.images-12

Were there any challenges in traveling to your destination?

It was a 10 hour drive.

What did you learn about yourself from this trip?

Climbing mountains is cool and a lot of fun. You reach the summit of something you’ve been climbing for awhile.  You reach a goal out in nature, working. It’s hard but it’s fun.IMG_8547

What did you learn about yourself spiritually?

It was the happiest day of my life. When we reached the ridge, about 3 miles to the summit, I started smiling. I hadn’t even finished or sumitted yet.images-14

IMG_8567What were the words or thoughts going through your mind?

Accomplished. Finished.IMG_8528

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