People’s Favorite Roadtrips Recommendations

Ask anyone what their favorite road trips have been and they’ll almost always be able to instantly recall experiences that are permeated by memories–both good and challenging! The open road has been the backdrop for many family memories of togetherness and bonding. It’s  where many family dynamics have been negotiated and hilarious mishaps have occurred.

How times have changed, too, for the typical family road trip now that technology has introduced so many devices we can either take along or insert into our cars; auxiliary cords, dvd players, etc…..Road trips are such welcome modes of transportation now that air travel has become more complicated, less glamorous and inconvenient considering many airlines don’t even feed you anymore!

Here is a list of recommended road trips from various friends (and their quotes):

  1. Flagstaff, Arizona
  2. Sedona, Arizona
  3. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  4. Lake Powell, Arizona
  5. Telluride, Colorado
  6. Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, “it’s a super crazy cool museum”
  7. Mt Rushmore is another one. We drove East to West on I90. There is a lot of dead air but a ton of stopping places you must see. The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota as well as the….”
  8. “Badlands which look like you are in the moon, & Wall Drug where you can see the old west come alive.”
  9. “One of my favorites is the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan. God’s thumbprint on Earth.”
  10. ” We love to do Amtrak from OKC to Ft Worth. It is a weekend adventure, not expensive, I only allow backpacks, you can bring your own food on board. The history there is amazing” and….
  11. “You can extend your trip all the way to San Antonio which is a blast! But much longer journey.”
  12. “Minnesota for Mall of America….the entire state is gorgeous.”
  13. “I also love, love, love Savannah, GA. You can literally hear Scarlett O’Hare say “Frankly my dear…”
  14. “Route 66!!! It was a great trip!!! Stop at all the fun places and just play!!!”
  15. Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD”
  16. Bob Feller Museum in Van Meter, IA
  17. Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH
  18. Wall Drug in Wall, SD
  19. Niagra Falls
  20. Plymouth Rock
  21. USS Constitution
  22. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
  23. Grand Canyon
  24. Four Corners
  25. Mesa Verde
  26. Asheville, NC

My personal, recent favorite road trips have been to Nashville and Memphis and always St. Louis, Arkansas and best of all, Kansas City. Chicago was congested; Austin, too…..but still enjoyable. Colorado is always worth it. Santa Fe and Taos have also been repeated road trips. I like the landscapes and don’t feel it’s as congested as some cities within Texas. Urban destinations and metropolises are our preferred vibe but I do enjoy letting my mind wander among the country scenery and rural landscapes.I like the Life 360 app on my phone so that my sons  can track us if they need to. It’s also helpful if you lose your cell phone because the other members on Life 360 can track it to see where it is.  (see link below) Roadtrips are a good opportunity for the passengers in the car to watch DVDs or download movies to their laptops. There are limitless ways to enjoy road trips!

photos by Gina Kingsley

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