Pasta and Ensalada in Italia

Italian food is one of my top 2 favorite cuisines to eat and cook. I am obsessed with Italian food and my favorite chef on TV is from Italy. The Italian food we had in Italy was slightly different than back home in the states. It wasn’t as rich for one thing. In Venice, my husband ordered pasta in squid ink. It was delicious and his smile afterwards was hilarious because his teeth were stained in the ink!


The salads in Italy were amazing—fresh, light and not drenched in dressing. Tomato “sauce” in Italy consisted of diced tomatoes lightly blanched or sautéed but not pureed like in the states. The arugala is spicy and the parmesan flakes on top are the right amount. Ground pepper and ooohlalaaaa—delicioso! I had my first local ensalada Italiano in Milan facing the fabulous shopping boutiques in the famous square.IMG_4810

The bruschetta is divine. A drizzle of olive oil, minced garlic, fresh tomatoes, good quality cheese—-yum. I can taste it now.IMG_5175

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