oldest son’s interview on traveling

I interviewed my sons on their thoughts on traveling. It was very interesting to learn what their impressions were.

What did you learn through traveling?  


“Traveling showed me what life outside of America is like. There are cultures very different from our own. Traveling gave me the best memories of being with my family. In Spain and the Mediterranean, they have siestas—taking a break out of the day. Americans are about “work, work, work” so this siesta was different. There were no restaurants open to go to. It showed me that some countries prioritize leisure and family time more.”

What were the pros and cons of traveling?

“I realized America has certain conveniences like 24 hour grocery stores. Our roads and parking are better in America. Our van practically got stuck between buildings in Seville.”

What was your favorite trip?

“I think my favorite trip itinerary was: Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Lichtenstein, France, Germany, England and Greece a few years ago because I like being in the Mediterranean and close to the sea. Greece is my favorite country and that was our last stop on this trip.”

What was the most exotic trip you’ve taken?

“India was the most exotic trip I took because it’s a total 180 from America. There wasn’t a lot of English spoken and we didn’t eat the street food. It was definitely a third world country.”

What people skills did you acquire through traveling?

“I learned patience and understanding since there is a language barrier when you’re traveling. Each side has to understand what the other is saying. I don’t focus on the negatives because there’s too many good things that happen.”

What advice do you have about long flights?

“My advice about long flights is watch movies, take good music and sleep.”

This son went on a trip to Ireland with his college ruby team to play in a 10-day tour. They raised their own funds for most of the travel expenses and then stayed in youth hostels. He mountain biked, played guitar in a pub at night and played on an Irish rugby team for one of the games. (link below)

photo by Patrick

A Rugby Tour in Ireland

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