Morocco Quiz

Fill in the Blank:

Morocco means ____ ______.IMG_2546

The Cave of Hercules overlooks the __________________    Ocean and the ____________________sea.

__________________are a people of Morocco who live in the Atlas Mountains and the Rif Mountains.

Besides Berber, the other languages that are spoken in Morocco are: ______________, _____________________ and ________________.

The Southern European country that is separated from Morocco by the Strait of Gibraltar is _________________.

Word Bank:

Atlantic                 Mediterranean             the West          Arabic        Moroccan Arabic

French         Spain            Berbers

True or False:

Morocco is on the continent of Africa: ______

Tangiers is the name of a city and a port in Morocco: ________

Morocco has two coastlines; the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea:______

The Berber people live in the Alps mountain range:_______

Writing: Write a sentence or paragraph about anything you want to learn about Morocco. Ideas: Moorish influences, the Cave of Hercules, the Berber people, etc.






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