Modern Spanish Cuisine

Republica is the name of a tapas restaurant on the Kansas City Country Club Plaza. It is referred to as modern Spanish cuisine. (not there anymore as of a year or so.)IMG_7619The idea of tapas is perfect for spending the evening on the plaza because we can nibble, drink and move on to some shopping without getting totally full at a heavy dinner. Inside this sophisticated restaurant ambience, we looked over the menu of tapas and small plates. I liked the idea of getting to sample some of my favorites—oysters, duck confit and grilled bread with a goat cheese spread. First, we ordered our sangria and beer.IMG_7647My sangria had blackberries, orange and apple slices. I had never had grilled bread like this before! A light buttery glaze with a smoky flavor on the country bread was complemented well with the goat cheese-marmalade spread. It was called Pan al Queso. IMG_7631My husband ordered the duck leg confit. Yes, tapas can be man food, too! He was impressed with the taste of it–not too gamey and salty but tender, moist and falling off the bone! The waiter told us that they cook it for 8 hours and then deep fry it quickly to get it crunchy.IMG_7632It was filling and quite large for a tapas. Coupled with a glass of beer, my husband found it satisfying! There was a TV above the bar so he got to see the basketball game going on, too.IMG_7646IMG_7626We saw other plates being served to the customers next to us. Croquettes and small smokies on a skewer looked yummy.IMG_7649We went during happy hour which was 3-6 p.m. Scoping out the layout made me realize this would be a good gathering place with a large group. The banquette we sat at in the bar had stools, too–so that area seated 8. Perfect for several couples or a group going shopping and wanting a break in the middle of the afternoon. I like a place that ranges from casual to elegant and Republica definitely had that ambience.

For the history on tapas,  read:

Look up the  menu on this link. The descriptions are heavenly!


good to the last bite!
good to the last bite!


© Gina Michalopulos Kingsley

photos by Gina

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