Mexico is a destination which has been full of good memories for us both as a couple and a family. The accessibility of traveling to Mexico from our hometown makes it a good vacation because of the ease of getting there, not changing time zones drastically, and recovering quickly when returning to the states. Mexican resorts are affordable and have the amenities of the all-inclusive environment.

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the waves in Manzanillo were HUGE
  the waves in Manzanillo were HUGE 

And the kids loved the excursions on land….like ATVs in the sand dunes!


Deep sea fishing was a new adventure for the boys and quite a male bonding experience!  IMG_3396 552635_10201786955860680_287946831_n

they sliced up the fresh, raw tuna that the guys caught. The chef at our villa “cooked” it in lime juice and served it ceviche-style!

The sunsets in Manzanillo were extraordinary and a great way to unwind after so much activity!


We made an event out of going to a seaside restaurant one night just to take in the sunset. We had been staying in a villa in a gated community so driving into town gave us an opportunity for a change of pace.

In Puerto Aventuras, we did the Dolphin Discovery excursion, swimming and interacting with dolphins. It was an adventurous excursion involving animals, nature and science. We sat through a brief video training first and then literally immersed ourselves into this experience! We went through a rotation of getting to touch the dolphins and get more comfortable with each other. I did this activity with my two elementary aged sons. The younger son wasn’t quite big enough (weight wise) to do the dolphin ride successfully because the dolphins have to be comfort- able with the size of child. After several attempts, he “supermanned” ! It was a really unique experience to interact so closely with these special animals. Touching them, riding them, being pushed up into the air in the stream. It was a leap of faith! We ordered photos and a video of our experience through the company. We also walked through an aviary of tropical birds and got to hold those as well!

Recommended hotels and destinations:

  • Cabo San Lucas– RIU Palace
  • Puerto Vallarta- Hilton, Miraval
  • Manzanillo– Casa Piazza Villa
  • Acapulco- Las Brisas
  • Riviera Maya Cancun- Gala Resort
  • Puerto Aventuras Dolphin Experience in Riviera Maya

Follow the lesson plan to build trip itineraries with your family:

Travel Lesson Plan: Integrate the Concepts

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take a sunset cruise
                             take a sunset cruise   

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