Making homemade Greek yogurt!

Greek yogurt has been hugely popular for quite a while now! We hear about it all the time. We see clever commercials about it. We see several brands of Greek yogurt all over the grocery store aisles. Making homemade Greek yogurt is trendy and healthy—but for me, I’ve been eating homemade Greek yogurt for decades! My parents made it frequently along with fresh baked bread and other goodies.

Nowadays, this process has been made simpler by buying yogurt makers…but it’s easy to make good old fashioned homemade yogurt without the gadgets! I had the pleasure of teaching this process to a mother and daughter who used to come to my house for Greek language tutoring. We had so much fun in the kitchen together! They took it one step further and perfected this recipe with their own experimental details—flavors, skim milk, etc.

My favorite recipe is  from Food and Wine Magazine.

The video below is also a recommended way to make Greek yogurt.

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