Lost Canyon Trail at Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock, next to Big Cedar Lodge, has marvelous attractions. This clifftop Eden of an Ozark resort is every bit the valley of excitement. One of the attractions up at Top of the Rock is the Lost Canyon Trail which is a tour of a four story cascading waterfall. Driving your own golf cart through the trail lasts about 45 minutes long as you stop at waterfalls, drive through a big cave (with a beverage bar inside) and cross over a Amish covered wooden bridge.

our sons ahead of us
our sons ahead of us
our kids golf cart
our kids golf cart


k5khgr3rwucveqz3nxka_thumb_1515fThe paved road is easy to maneuver through as you enjoy limestone, glorious foliage and breathtaking vistas.unadjustednonraw_thumb_15171It’s so relaxing to let your mind and vision wander, taking in the  natural beauty and not having to process anything other than what legacy natural history leaves us….like the erosion of rivers, hot springs, rain, wind  and streams over time as they carved and formed the existing rock formations. It’s a bonus for me to have a husband who majored in GeoPhysics and a son majoring in Geology along for the ride to impart their geological knowledge to the rest of us!


Inside the cave, we saw stalactites and more waterfalls.




sinkhole that is leading to possible connectedness to the Lost Canyon cave system
sinkhole at Top of the Rock that is leading to possible connectedness to the Lost Canyon cave system

When we finished the Lost Canyon Trail golf cart ride, we departed to a fabulous lunch at Arnie’s Barn. The view of the Top of the Rock site from Arnie’s barn rooftop balcony is thrilling. You will definitely want to make a day out of visiting there. The sinkhole update below on video and on the website link is fascinating and possibly connected to the Lost Canyon cave.


photos by GIna Kingsley


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