Kansas City Skyline

Straight down the Main Street of Kansas City, I always get the feeling of a big city without the congested traffic (usually) of a metropolis. The architecture stuns and the signage delights. Immediately, a tourist can sum up the history and nostalgia as well as the modern thrills.4hu6rkouqogfb9chzeamg_thumb_14ac8Do I look left or right? Or straight ahead? I don’t want to miss a thing! The proportions seem perfect and the culture and international flavor awaits around each corner. Whiskey distilleries, steakhouses, murals, trolleys, specialty grocery stores, boutiques, breweries, museums, live music and art galleries galore…..this is Kansas City.qu4yxk25romsgttqjjst2q_thumb_14ac5Just to name a few museums you can reach off of Main Street from the Country Club Plaza alone, there’s the Nelson-Atkins Museum, the Kemper Museum, the Money Museum, Union Station’s Science City museum (and planetarium inside) and the impressive World War I Museum. This panoramic view of KC reminds me of everything exciting on each side of town.45skgvpasrws5kkusfngkq_thumb_14ac4The city pride of the professional sports teams definitely contributes to the spirit here and this lawn was where throngs of KC Royals fans gathered when they won the World Series. Each time I visit, I learn about more of the eclectic districts: Power and Light, Westport, Crossroads Art District, City Market area, Brookside, Waldo, West Bottoms,  etc. Southwest Boulevard is a new favorite pocket for us to explore. On the way there—voila! We found the Boulevard Brewery. We are planning on going there for samples and a brewery tour next time.ionseccnqeek0jlbetmn1w_thumb_14ad6


b0xk0ymqtdshxpgaw1wfuq_thumb_14ac6Years ago, most tourists associated the Plaza and Crown Center with KC’s highlights, (and they are worth visiting!) but each time I visit, I discover new favorites. I have to do it justice by focusing on one district at a time so I will stop here and just celebrate the skyline.

photos by Gina Kingsley

a recommended place in KC: (Advanced Aesthetics of Kansas City)


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