Holy Guacamole!

Let’s talk guacamole! The guacamole at Zocalo on the Kansas City Country Club Plaza is delicious!!!!! Paired with a sangria—wow!!!IMG_7053 And what can beat having these during a happy hour special??? The chips were perfect!! The guacamole was smooth……and the sangria was refreshing!IMG_7054 I really like the indoor/outdoor ambience of Zocalo….so many of the restaurants on the plaza have that format—and it enhances your dining pleasure to be both outside and inside. IMG_7039There’s white sangria and red sangria. The bartender brought me a white sangria sample. Now, that’s service!! If you’re looking for a Mexican food experience on the plaza, try Zocalo!IMG_7052 www.zocalokc.com

photos by Gina

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