Hiking in Alberta- Lake Louise and Banff

I interviewed my friend about her mother-son hiking trip. This fit, athletic superwoman is passionate about traveling and being outdoors. Her background as a professional cyclist is fascinating, too! I am especially intrigued about her mother-son relationship and what a role that plays in her life and athletic life.10435414_843857815668472_1786296225720200107_n

What inspired you to travel to Lake Louise and Banff in Alberta, Canada?

The gorgeous scenery there and the hiking trails are the reason I chose this location. You can hike daily there for a month and not see the same trail. There are tea houses along the way.


Tea houses? How many do you encounter?

They are refreshments and welcome centers. You can get sandwiches there. There are several tea houses along the way.

Tea House in Banf
Tea House in Banff

What did your trip itinerary involve?

We hiked 6-12 miles per day for 6 days. It was exhausting.266554_185455884842005_5254718_o

Exhausting for you? With all of your training?

Hiking is totally different than cycling.280200_186195181434742_7382430_o

Describe your workout regimen.

I cycle 1-5 hours a day. When I bike, it’s with a lot of intervals and I also lift weights 2-3 days week.

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Tell me about your cycling background. It’s so fascinating!

I was a professional cyclist sponsored by a team and companies. We cycled all over the world. Bike, shoe, helmet and clothing companies sponsored me. Oakley and Power Bar are two companies that sponsored me. This was 20 years ago. I was at the ’96 Olympic trials and I have won some national races. I raced in Europe where soccer and cycling are their main sports.10452946_658308634223392_4960235286686251685_o

Did you camp or stay in hotels? Did you fly there?

We stayed in nice resorts: Fairmont Lake Louise and Fairmont Banff which looks like a castle.  We flew into Calgary and then drove 1.5 hours to get there.

How would you describe the camping meals?

We’d have a big breakfast before hiking–protein bars and our camel pack. We’d eat sandwiches at the Tea House.

What was the terrain and weather like?

The trails go through glaciers. It was cold in the mornings but it warmed up during the day so I wore layers.271202_186195758101351_2769977_o

Describe the vibe of the area.

It was totally “granola”, earthy, laid back. Everyone was happy to be outdoors—very earth-loving people.

Describe a custom that you observed there. 

July 1st is their independence day celebrations. There were celebrations going on.

Were there any challenges in your trip?

Some trails were so steep, we had to use our hands and feet to get up. It’s a term called “scrambling.” It lasted for 15 minutes or so.


What did you learn about yourself from this trip?

I learned how much my son and I have in common. We both love adventure and the outdoors and we are both obsessed with sports and outdoors. Another time, my son and I wanted to do the Mont Blanc hiking trip but ended up doing a biking trip in Northern Italy.


We also want to do snow skiing in Chile someday. My husband and younger son are more alike and both like hunting.

mother and son hiking in Lake Louise and Banf
mother and son hiking in Lake Louise and Banf

My friends did the Mont Blanc hiking trip! You can read about it on the blog.


How did this trip enrich your life? Describe any experiences that made you grow spiritually?

Being in the outdoors, you have a lot of time to reflect and appreciate how blessed you are…..to be able to go on hikes and to be blessed with athletic ability.

 Click on link to see Tea Houses.


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