A Guys’ Trip to Hike Hadrian’s Wall

My history-loving brother and my adorable nephews went on a guys trip in 2011 to England and Scotland to hike Hadrian’s Wall. I interviewed my driven and handsome nephew about his experience on this trip.216874_10150328592551565_6796995_n

What inspired you to travel to England and Scotland to hike Hadrian’s Wall?283441_10150328596086565_3909414_n

My brother had just graduated from college and we wanted to go on a boys’ trip. It’s not something you do often. We had been to England but not Scotland. We wanted to do something not overly touristy and to discover new things. It was my dad’s idea and his friend had done it.251403_10150328595251565_6423784_n

What did your trip itinerary involve?

We arrived in London and drove to Hadrian’s wall. The first two days we walked 13 miles a day. The wall is in England, not Scotland and it used to be the northernmost border of the Roman Empire. Hadrian commissioned to build the wall to keep the barbarians from attacking Roman settlements. It’s considered, “the Great Wall of England.” Contours Program (from the travel agency) set up our stays at bed and breakfasts and transported our luggage for us. We only needed backpacks. It was perfectly set up. We walked along the wall and there were different historic sites along the way:229781_10150328592946565_94284_n

  • military barracks
  • ancient pagan ritual grounds
  • museums along the wall281494_10150328592996565_4100000_n

224402_10150328593076565_6173186_nDid you experience any problems walking it?

It started raining a bit but overall it was very pleasant. In July and August, the temperature was in the 70’s. I thought it was perfect.283416_10150328593156565_6455106_n

Did you do any training for it?

Nothing out of the ordinary. My dad and brother did some extra walking ahead of time.229702_10150328593251565_10825_n

Describe the vibe of the culture.

The (Scots and Brits)  people were overly welcoming, kind, pleasant and went out of their way to help us.267222_10150328594081565_4657654_n

Did you observe any customs there and did you incorporate any of them back home?

We noticed how much everyone is communal at the pubs. There’s no technology there (phones, TVs), and they spent time enjoying each others’ company. That was different from America. I’m trying to incorporate that back home by not being on my phone as much when I’m out and trying to give people my full attention.254739_10150328593121565_5422297_n

What did you learn about yourself on this trip? Did you grow spiritually?

I learned that I really enjoy hiking. 13 miles a day could seem daunting but it was enjoyable!–the fresh air. I grow as a person whenever I experience new things and cultures. I want to take a trip every year if I can. To learn that your way is not the only way in life and that we can all make improvements is important. There’s not only one way to skin a cat.305231_10150395741461565_1043337983_n



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