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Gypsy Family Travel is getting a facelift… new theme, same logo and additional purposes. It started out to be a travel blog and soon became a travel AND adventure blog. The adventures involve my interviewees’ hobbies and activism. Recently, I’ve decided it shouldn’t be about only travels , necessarily….but rather, JOURNEYS!

Journeys aren’t just about geography.  Journeys are also personal goals, whether or not anyone leaves their home! Global or local; “the joy is in the journey; not the destination.”

Along with travel blogs, there are also newer articles about culture and people’s projects, hobbies and vocations. It’s refreshing  to learn new info and inspiration from so many multifarious and motley interviewees! It’s also been intriguing to be on a quest for magnetic places, businesses, vocations, cultural activities and excursions. For example, vintage stores, art crawls, Cosplay conventions, unique philanthropies, links to local events, etc.

If you have an interesting topic you want to share with me or if you want to raise awareness about something worthwhile, contact me! Let’s peel back the layers of this fascinating, alluring, multidimensional life.

flamenco dancers in Barcelona

Gypsy Family Travel  is a travel/adventure/lifestyle blog place to share your information. Through recorded conversations, we will see where the interview leads.

Your information, trips, hobbies, etc. can be an inspiration to others and give people something POSITIVE to read.

  Gypsy Family Travel

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photos by GIna


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