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Whatever it is to you, it’s a getaway. A departure. A chance to see the world. I grew up traveling with my family because my father worked for an airlines. The education, adventure and bonding of traveling opened our minds to other cultures and created a global awareness and wanderlust.

This blog  was originally created for designing family trip itineraries that are interactive and will engage the children in the entire process.Then it grew to add guest interviews of adults’ solo and couples’ trips and adventures. It has been fascinating to listen and learn from their experiences around the globe!  Read the post Educational Family Travel Planning to learn how to make your kids the “docents!”

So–it has a little bit of everything; traveling solo to traveling with the family.

Quizzes, answer keys, hotel info, travel tips, excursion info and recipes are in this blog. Recipes and cuisine articles are also included.  Domestic travel is also included. Glamping, Voluntourism, Agritourismo, Worldschooling, Culture, and Philanthropy and everyday passions are examples of concepts on the Gypsy Family Travel blog. Whether luxury travel or more rustic, casual travel….come be a part of our gypsy family.

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The menu tab at the top shows different subjects: Destinations, Cuisine, Hiking Trips, vintage fashion, etc. Some blogs are interviews of others’ trips and some are my own. Looking for a certain kind of trip? Girls trip? Wine tour? Dove hunting in Argentina? Look thru the tabs and you’ll find a variety.



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            Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain.

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