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Whatever it is to you, it’s a getaway. A departure. A chance to see the world. I grew up traveling with my family because my father worked for an airlines. The education, adventure and bonding of traveling opened our minds to other cultures and created a global awareness and wanderlust.

This educational travel  blog, for kids and adults,  was created to share educational resources with people who want to collaborate with their children in designing trip itineraries that are interactive and will engage the children in the entire process.  I have recently started adding guest interviews of adults’ solo and couples’ trips and adventures. It has been fascinating to listen and learn from their experiences around the globe!  Read the post Educational Family Travel Planning to learn how to make your kids the “docents!”

Links to lesson plans, bibliographies and other travel resources will be available. This blog was originally written with the perspective of my children who added their input and comments and from my perspective as a psychometrist and educator. The simplistic commentary is intended for your children to relate to this blog, too. For example, a kid-friendly lesson plan for elementary to middle school aged children can be discussed at the dinner table after they read library books on a particular country.  A bibliography will lead you to suggested books. After the reading is completed, the culminating activity can be the quizzes available on this blog or ones you make together!

Eventually, the blog grew towards more adult interviews and input. So–it has a little bit of everything; traveling solo to traveling with the family.

 I’ve included quizzes and quiz answer keys that would give a child or adult a bird’s eye view into a country—to see what they already know and to see what their family members know if they discuss it at the dinner table.  I also have hotel info, travel tips, excursion info and recipes in this blog. Recipes and cuisine articles are also included.  Domestic travel will also be included. Glamping, Voluntourism, Agritourismo, Worldschooling, Culture, and Philanthropy and everyday passions are examples of concepts on the Gypsy Family Travel blog. Whether luxury travel or more rustic, casual travel….come be a part of our gypsy family.


Tangier, Morocco in Africa


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