Greek island musings

Ahhhhh…..the Greek islands. Need I say more? Just saying the words “Greek islands” conjures up visceral feelings of elation, relaxation, euphoria, health…..IMG_2230When I re-read my travel journals, I find excerpts from our lazy days there that remind me how happy and relaxed we were on any Greek island. For example, one excerpt described: ” We drove to a bakery for breakfast tiropitas (cheese pies) to tide us over until lunch. We headed straight for the beach and had a great morning/afternoon of complete beach relaxation. The boys played in the sand, tried to catch small fish and collect rocks and walk far out into the water. I read guidebooks of Greece and Rhodes, walked around the strip of shops and found some evil eye bracelets for my girlfriends back home.” FH040020IMG_5254

In my opinion, no one can enjoy a Greek island quite like a little boy! Having three boys, I realize this is my reference point….but you learn how to live life all over again through the perspective of a little boy when you parent three of them! FL030009_2 FL030012 IMG_1697

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