Greece Quiz


Fill in the blank:

________________is the capital of Greece.                     IMG_2358

The language primarily spoken in Greece (along with English) is _____________.

Greece has thousands of ________________ in addition to its mainland.

The __________________ is the famous structure atop the Acropolis. It was the temple to Athena.

Greece is located in _______________Europe. Some of its islands are located in Asia Minor.

Greece is known as the cradle of civilization, the arts and sciences and for its ________________.

Word Bank:

Parthenon         Greek         islands         Athens        Southern        mythology


True or False:

Greece was the birthplace of democracy: _____

In Greek Mythology, Poseidon was the father of all gods: ______

The kilt is a national costume of Greece:______

Greek cuisine is only vegetarian: ______

The Palace of Knossos is on the island of Crete in Greece:_____

Video: watch this video called The Greek Secret for a review of the arts/sciences that the Greeks influenced. The rest of the video is about a concept of the Greek morality and spirit; “philotimo.”

Writing: Write a sentence or paragraph about the construction of the Parthenon.


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