Gibraltar is a British Overseas territory. In Southern Spain, there is the famous Rock of Gibraltar. IMG_2605This monolithic limestone promontory on the Iberian Peninsula is the southernmost point of Europe. Barbary monkeys are found there and known to eat the hats off of tourists. .

We were hoping to run into these monkeys on our way to Morocco, but getting onto Gibraltar was challenging. We drove around and around looking for the entrance and decided the line of cars was too long but we did get some great photos and ate at a restaurant nearby where our son tried Rabo de Toro for the first time: Tail of the Bull. 

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Study Gibraltar, not just for it’s geographical features but for it’s historic significance in battles, caves, Moorish dwellings and fortifications.

trying Rabo de Toro for the first time
trying Rabo de Toro for the first time

IMG_2611         Mythology plays a big part in the folklore of this area. Because Gibraltar is a strait which connects the North Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, people have a mythological reference about this called “the pillars of Hercules.” It is said that Hercules pulled Africa and Spain apart by hand which formed the  Gibraltar and the Moroccan mountain of Jbel Musa.

 I was fascinated to learn that several ethnic groups are “Gibraltarian”; which is a mix of Portuguese, Maltese, Genoese and Andalusian descent. The other cultures there are India, Moroccan and British. The main language in Gibraltar is English and the secondary language is Spanish.

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