Ghost Town Museum in Colorado Springs

On a trip in Colorado, we stopped in Colorado Springs. What a wonderful city!! Besides all of the things to do there, we enjoyed Manitou Springs even more! We discovered a place called the Ghost Town Museum and loved it so much, we actually went back another year to see it again!photo 6 Our kids were at the perfect age for this museum! But, honestly, it’s even better for adults who can really comprehend  this walk back through

The displays were so lifelike and detailed. You felt like you were truly living in Pioneer and Victorian times. The exhibit depicted a day in the life of families who lived during this era. It showed their home life and customs….photo 9

Their dress, lifestyle and customs….photo 8Their businesses, livelihoods….photo 5their handicrafts and hobbies….photo 3and many, many other details….photo 2After touring the inside, doing the shooting gallery, etc…we walked outside and did the panning for gold!photo 7It was a very valuable experience and the gift shop was great! This was the best hands-on museum for understanding the pioneer/Victorian era in the U.S. If it wasn’t so far away from our hometown, it would be a perfect field trip for students or a youth group.

You can find a $1 off admission coupon on the websites, too.

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