France Quiz

Fill in the blanks:

  1. The capital of France is: _______________style galore
  2. France is on the continent of: _______________
  3. The most recognized landmark of Paris is the _________________ _________________.
  4. __________________is the name of a palace.
  5. The __________ _____ _________________ is a famous monument in Paris which honors soldiers.

 Word Bank:

Europe     Paris   Eiffel Tower    

Arch de Triumphe       Versailles

True or False:

France gave America the Statue of Liberty as a gift:______

Charles de Gualle is the current president of France: ______

Napoleon was a famous fashion designer: _______

The Louvre is a world famous museum: ______

Writing: Write a sentence/paragraph about the Louvre Museum–about an exhibit or a piece of art.

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